Optometry and Contact Lens Services at Tri-County Eye
Expert Contact Lens Fittings

The contact lens department of Tri-County Eye Physicians & Surgeons offers its patients in the Philadelphia area the latest products in contact lens technology and materials. Drs. Wolinsky, Loeser, and Feldman are experienced in the fitting and maintenance of the newest designs to maximize the vision and comfort of the contact lens wearer. Our department will help you choose the best lens that fits the individual needs of each patient. We offer the most recent developments including:

  • bifocal or multifocal lenses for distance and near vision
  • toric lenses for astigmatism
  • overnight orthokeratology which can reduce or eliminate nearsightedness with overnight wear
  • specialty and custom lenses for high corrections and corneal conditions.

The doctors and technicians of the contact lens department of Tri-County Eye Physicians & Surgeons make up a team of experienced professionals who provide our patients with the highest quality contact lens products available. We offer not only competitive pricing on our entire line of contact lens products and professional services but the convenience of day, evening and Saturday office hours. Same day service on lens delivery as well as direct home shipping by most of the major lens manufacturers is often available. Voice-mail message re-ordering is available 24 hours/day as well. The mission of our contact lens department is to provide our patients with the state of the art lens designs and materials while insuring a fit with the safest and healthiest products on the market.

Please inquire about this exciting vision-correction alternative when making your routine eye health examination appointment. A contact lenses evaluation appointment, separate from your routine eye examination, insures the proper fit, dispensing and lens care for our patients.

Contact Lens Department’s direct-dial telephone numbers:

215-396-4215 Southampton – Hours of Operation
267-880-2018 New Britain – Hours of Operation

The direct-dial telephone numbers may be used to facilitate contact lens re-orders or to speak with a contact lens technician to answer questions concerning your contact lens care and usage.

Department Policies:
  • Payment is expected at the time of ordering. Contact lens orders cannot be processed without payment. If you are leaving a voicemail to re-order, we will return your call to obtain payment before the order can be processed.
  • Contact Lenses NOT picked up within two weeks of notification will be returned to the supplier and may be subject to a “re-stocking” charge.
Re-Order Contact Lenses using Patient Portal
  1. Log into Patient Portal at NextMD.com
  2. From Dashboard Inbox, select “Compose an Email”
  3. Fill in “Compose Message” form (see below)
  4. Hit “Submit”

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