Cornea and External Disease Care at Tri-County Eye

At Tri-County Eye Physicians, Dr. Jocelyn Kuryan and Dr. Jessica Prince Wolfish are both fellowship trained in cornea and external disease. They treat a wide variety of ocular surface diseases, including:

  • dry eye syndrome
  • corneal ulcers and abrasions
  • conjunctivitis
  • ocular allergies
  • herpetic infections of the eye (including Shingles)
  • recurrent erosion syndrome
  • blepharitis

Many corneal diseases can be treated medically while others require surgical intervention. Both Drs. Kuryan and Prince specialize in surgical correction of potentially vision threatening conditions such as Fuchs dystrophy, corneal scars, band keratopathy and keratoconus. Both surgeons perform full thickness corneal transplants (known as penetrating keratoplasty) as well as the innovative partial thickness corneal transplant (known as Descemet’s stripping endothelial keratoplasty or DSEK). They also perform superficial keratectomy for the removal of corneal scarring and/or calcium deposits over the cornea (a condition known as band keratopathy). In addition, they offer surgical removal and treatment of pterygia (a growth of the white conjunctiva over the cornea toward the pupil). The biologic bandages known as ProkeraⓇ and AmbioDiskTM are also used to treat certain corneal diseases as in-office procedures.